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new shade!

Medina Arabic Shawl in Safa (Dark Blue)

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S$ 18.40
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S$ 18.40
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S$ 23.00

The fourth chiffon shawl by Swanheritage. Say hello to Medina Arabic! Made from arabic chiffon, Medina is that same shawl you can find in Mekah. But now we have it locally in many colours to suit your outfit!

  • Breathable
  • Minimal iron needed!
  • Easy to shape, handle and style!
  • Drapes nicely


Material: Arabic Chiffon
Finishing: Baby seam, bullet end on one side
Size: 1.8m x 0.7m
Opacity: 8/10 (2 layers)
Packaging: Frosted zip-lock plastic

Colour may be slightly different due to lighting

[June 2022 collection]