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Alma Chinoi in Zhen Brick

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S$ 24.00
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S$ 24.00
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S$ 24.00

Inspired by the beauty of chinoiserie flowers. Just like the first rays of the morning sun, it always wakes up looking fresh and ready. This collection is specially made for the New Year - Alma Chinoi. Available in 6 colours! Packaging will be pouch bag. 

• Premium cotton material square hijab with minimalist design 

• Engraved Swanheritage name on hijab & swan charm included      

• Airy & flowy  

• Almost ironless• Easy to shape, handle and style!



Material: premium cotton

Finishing: baby seam 

Packaging: pouch bag 

Size: 1.2m x 1.2m 

Opacity: 9/10 (2 layers)

Colour may be slightly different due to lighting 

[February 2024 collection]