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The Blooms in Edelweiss

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S$ 44.00
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S$ 44.00
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S$ 44.00

A limited edition printed collection - The Blooms! Features in 5 soft shades, it is made of matte satin silk. Purchase comes in a hardbox, perfect for gifts, and complimentary pearl mask extender.  

The Blooms is made for all the soft, elegant and brave ladies out there ❤️

  • Shawl is opaque
  • Minimal iron needed
  • Easy to shape, handle and style!
  • Drapes nicely
  • Not too slippery


Size: 1.8m x 0.7m
Material: Matte Satin Silk
Finishing: Baby seam
Packaging: Limited edition hard box

Colour may be slightly different due to lighting