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Zehra Square - Sendayan

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S$ 24.80
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S$ 24.80
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S$ 31.00

A printed satin square collection, we named it Zehra. Zehra is inspired by the details of mosque from around the world. The designs are filled with floral and elegant border. Material is satin spandex - which gives the right drape and awning for a square hijab! It comes in 5 different colours and design. Zehra comes in a hardbox & drawstring pouch packaging 

  • Shawl is opaque
  • Lightweight & flowy
  • Easy to shape, handle and style!
  • Drapes nicely
  • Perfect awning


Size: 1.2m x 1.2m
Material: satin spandex
Finishing: baby seam
Packaging: Swan Heritage monogram hard box

Colour may be slightly different due to lighting

[April & July 2022 collection]